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by Marcuss Hall

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Various home recordings on pc, 4-track, hand-held and ipad spanning the last 10 years. What you hear is what you get. Some of this stuff was just one take demo recordings with no mixing and/or lack of knowledge of knowing how to even record with no intention of anyone hearing. Some of the vocals are flat and out of key, music off beat, guitars out of tune and drums just way too loud. Other recordings sound better and actually had effort put into them. I will be adding songs as time goes on. Maybe a song a day. Maybe every other day. Maybe a song a week. Info for each song will be found in the lyrics section and unless otherwise noted all were written and performed by me.


released June 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Marcuss Hall Illinois

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Track Name: I Fell Down
2003/2004 trying to get a tom waits feel.....various sounds include scratching a fingernail on a snare head, the flicking of a lighter and me smacking a guitar case.
Track Name: This Love
Around the fall of 2004. I remember writing this actually. Sitting on a futon waiting for a guy to fix the floor on the back porch. I just wanted to the guy to leave so I could hurry up and start recording the song. I guess this is kind of my version of praise and worship.
Track Name: They're Red Hot
2005-ish. Originally performed and written by blues musician Robert Johnson. It is based on a common ragtime chord progression. I imported his recording into a program on my pc and played and sang along with it, using his version as a 'scratch track'. I put some scratchy noises, hands slapping against my legs and recorded in mono for a old time feel.
Track Name: We Want Something More
Spring 2005. I had been messing around with a drum program on the pc and just making beats and playing guitar to them. I thought it would be fun to see if i could actually create a whole song with some of the loops i had come up with. It made me think of the transplants so i called my buddy Randy Hill up to come over and do some loud rapping vocals. Theres a couple of these songs that we ended up doing with nothing in mind but having fun. It was fun and I actually like the songs. Yeah it may be a little funny but its good to laugh and still enjoy something too. Some lyrics are by Randy everything else by me.
Track Name: Set The Wray!
2005-ish. I was really getting into instro music at this time. some surf, like The Ventures and some just plain rock n roll, like Link Wray. Link is the king of instrumental guitar songs of 50s rock n roll to me. This is my tribute to him.
Track Name: Free Cool
2008 Really heavy into 60s garage rock I wrote about 17 songs in a month and recorded them in about 3 days under the name 10,000 RAD. This is one of the tunes about living a little out of step of the world....basically by not letting money rule who you are and what you do. Stay free cool, dig...
Track Name: Rockin' Bones
2008-ish. Along with getting deep into 60's garage, im also a huge fan of 50's rock, punk and rockabilly. This is a song from dallas perfromed by Ronnie Dawson circa 1959. Be sure to check out the original and crank it loud.
Track Name: Like What, Me Worry?
2008 - 10,000 RAD - Back to 60s garage. This is a cover by a band called 006. A band, that after hearing this song, I wanted more of. Only to find out there was one more since all the put out was a 7 inch. Doc Watson wrote these lyrics, theyre a threat and hilarious ode to being a loner.
Track Name: 205 Nocturne
2004 One day, seriously in one day, I wrote like 6 instrumental surf songs. I guess the reverb inspired me. More came later but this was one of the first. The drum on this is a loop and its just something random I found online. The whole song was written around this one little loop. Thats really about it. Me in a room with a guitar and this drum loop playing over and over at night.
Track Name: Headin' Home
October 2005 This is Gypsy Rose, a band started by Randy Hill and myself out of my love for western movies. We tried recording 'studio quality' stuff but it never captured what we were like live and if you were ever around to see us youll know what i mean. Beside 'demo' stuff and a horrible live recording theres only a couple songs that show our attempt at trying to record something. This take has Randy, Josh Murphy, Olivia Hall and myself in the cleaner, nicer, slower version of rose before we had a drummer.
Track Name: Caravan
Caravan is a jazz standard composed by Juan Tizol and first performed by Duke Ellington in 1936.

This version was recorded in 2004 and features my pop Catfish on lead guitar. He wanted to record a little ep to have to pass around to family and friends and asked me to join in. He laid down his leads with no scratch tracks and I went in after and did all the other instruments.
Track Name: Sleepwalk
Sleep Walk is an instrumental steel guitar-based song written, recorded, and released in 1959 by brothers Santo & Johnny Farina. It was the last instrumental to hit number one in the 1950s and earned Santo & Johnny a gold record.

This is another track from the sessions with my pop Catfish from 2004. As with Caravan he did the lead and I supplied his back up.
Track Name: Wrong To You
2004 - This is a song that my pop, Catfish, wrote back in the late 60s when he was in grade school. I recorded my version of it for him as a surprise. One verse, one chorus, three chords and a lot of yeahs. If this were today you could tell a preteen wrote this song but back in the garage rock days of the 60s this would have fit right in.
Track Name: Moonshot (The Kilroys cover)
2003 (i think) There were a ton of local bands in the day (there still are but back in the day we were all friends, hung out and every time there was a show we were all there and most likely we were all playing) and The Kilroys were one of em. Im pretty sure Josh Murphy gets writing credits for the majority of this song but Im giving Josh Adkins some credit too. I really enjoyed their band and the song Moonshot was one of my favorites. It would be a few years later when Josh Murphy and I started to hang out a lot. We even played in each others bands too.

I did this for him, I guess for laughs and for fun. It was done on a 4-track. I wasnt recording on a pc yet. Sadly, the tape got messed up or something so theres a couple parts at the beginning and throughout the song that are missing and basically it just sounds like its skipping. I also put the end of the song at the beginning and made the whole song longer and added a slide. Im moonshoot, Im gone....
Track Name: Story Of A Fallen Man
2003 - Another 4-Track recording. Theres a handful of these little poppy tunes that I believe would have been Side Walk Slam songs if I had not left the band. When I left in 2002 I was still in SWS writing mode for a couple of years, every once in a while something else would rear its non pop punk head out of me but more would come later when I would finally allow myself to.

The neat thing about this song is the effect on the vocals. Like I said it was recorded with a 4-track. We had a landline back then, so I used to telelphones. I took em off the hook until there was silence and sang into one while the other one was mic'ed and going into the 4-track. It gave a cool distorted sound. If you listen closely in the middle you can hear the busy signal that finally comes through on a landline once its left off the hook too long.
Track Name: The Greatest Trick
2004 - I write alot of songs in my head but sometimes theres no melody or pattern (verse and chorus, etc) Besides songwriting, I have done a lot of journal keeping and poetry since I was 14 years old. The lyrics to this one came to me at work one day. I keep a little notebook on me or around me most of the time and write the things in my head down. This ones about the enemy and our flesh. Theres a lot of lies in this world and one of the biggest of em all is thinking we are on our own and can get by just fine doing things our way....
Track Name: Stubborn Kind of Fellow (The Roulettes Cover)
2008 - The Roulettes were a British group formed in London in 1962. They signed to EMI, werent very successful and split up in 1967.

File under 10,000 RAD
Track Name: Rally 'Round (mono)
2009 - This is my version of ring around the rosie that some say has to do with the plague. The plague in this version is society and mass media. Doesnt matter if you youre winning or losing, people will come to watch you fail or succeed.
Track Name: Marcuss's Lament
2009 - A little dark. Its a lament. Inspired by Flat Duo Jets and Dex Romweber. Dex is far better...
Track Name: All Chopped Up
2009 - All I can really say about this is song is I wanted to do something that had a little 60s or 70s psychedelic feel to it. It was fun messing around with.
Track Name: Straight Home (The Beau Denturies Cover)
2008 - From The 10,000 RAD album. The Beau Denturies were from Akron, Ohio and released this single on Encore in 1966.
Track Name: Hitman
2008 - Another track from 10,000 RAD. Back to the instro rock surf feel. This track features my cousin Chris Williams on the drums.
Track Name: Past Remains (SWS Demo)
2000 - handheld recorder - Ive always had this habit of as soon as I write a song, I record it. Lyrics my stumble, timing may be off and the whole thing may just be completely sloppy. This is how it was done back in the day in when I was in Side Walk Slam. I'd write stuff, record it on a handheld and pass it along to David and Matt. Since its the 12 year anniversary of our Tooth and Nail Records release of Past Remains I thought Id throw the demo up on here.
Track Name: Crazy Baby (The Rockin R's Cover)
2008 - I dont know much about The Rockin R's but theyre good and this song was released around 1958
Track Name: Expired
2009 - This was an odd song. I was first trying to do something that was more 80's electronic/goth sounding! That got scraped fast and this ended up coming to be. By far one of the most darker lyrics Ive penned.
Track Name: Stack-A-Records (Tom Tall and His Tom Kats Cover)
2008 - Tom Guthrie moved out west from Texas and was discovered by Fabor Robinson and became Tom Tall but went to Crest Records in 1956. This was his first single.
Track Name: Frankie & Annette 10,000 A Go-Go
2008 - 10,000 RAD No Coast Instro!
Track Name: Don't Look Back Now
2008 - Another 10,000 RAD track, garage gone acoustic. I wrote this for a friend on the day his father passed away.
Track Name: The Fight
2005 - This is the only other Gypsy Rose 'studio' recording there is. Let it be known that I hate my vocals on this track. Randy Hill is on upright and the rest of the crew was Josh Murphy and Olivia Hall. Adam Hawk joined later on drums for live gigs.